WinShape Camps ON Junior FAQ

ON Jr. Registration Questions

Q: What is the difference between the 3 registration options?

A: ON LIVE is most like an in-person camp experience. Your camper will log in at the start time of the session you registered for, and the right videos will appear at the right time for them to follow our daily schedule. These campers will see everything as it premieres and will be able to be in video chat small groups with other campers. ON DEMAND+ has access to all video content AFTER it premieres and does not have live small groups. However, they do receive a Camper Kit with 2 Skills inside. ON DEMAND LITE has access to the same content as ON DEMAND+, but campers with that package will not receive a Camper Kit.

Q: Why are registrations per camper instead of per family?

A: In order for campers to each receive their own Camper Kit, Force assignment and Skills, registration must be filled out per camper. Families may obviously watch video content with just one account; however, each camper won’t get their unique experience that way.

Q: Can I make changes to my registration or cancel my order?

A: Yes, IF we have not shipped anything on your behalf. Once Camper Kits are shipped, we cannot change registrations or refund any purchases; this includes switching from different weeks. All campers for ON LIVE must register one week in advance to receive their Camper Kit. There are no refunds once your Camper Kit has shipped.

Q: Can I request changes to my camper’s group?

A: All campers are assigned Forces based on their birth month. Unfortunately, we cannot change their Forces due to this system. Video Small Groups for ON LIVE campers are randomly assigned and cannot be changed.

Q: Can I register a camper that is not my child? (i.e., grandchild)

A: This is possible; however, the camper would need to log in with whatever account information you originally gave. We can also update your account with their parent’s information if needed. Please give us a call at 844-972-2677 if you would like help with this.

Q: Can I upgrade from ON DEMAND+ or LITE?

A:Yes. However, all campers for ON LIVE must be registered one week in advance to receive their Camper Kit.

ON Jr. Camper Kit Questions

Q: What address will my Camper Kit ship to?

A: Camper Kits ship to the address of the parent listed as that camper’s account holder. If you’ve made a mistake with your address, please contact us as soon as possible at 844-972-2677 so we can intercept it before shipping.

Q: Does everything I need for WinShape ON come in my Camper Kit?

A: Our Camper Kits are filled to the brim with all sorts of fun stuff. Campers will get 2 Skill boxes, which include a few key items for each Skill along with some daily direction for that skill. Those Skill boxes do not include everything that a camper needs for that Skill, but our team has worked very hard to try to limit any other supplies to things easily found around the house. You’ll be receiving a full list of needed supplies in the near future. Also included is a Force box with a few swag items for your camper to rep their assigned Force, as well as materials for campers to dive deeper into our Life Giver theme. Of course, there are a few other items we’ll leave as a surprise. If something is missing from your Camper Kit, please call us at 844-972-2677.

Q: When will I receive my Camper Kit?

A: Camper Kits will begin shipping the week of June 1st. We will give first priority to ON LIVE campers who registered for Week 1 of camp, followed by ON DEMAND+ campers. You should receive an email with a tracking number once your Camper Kit ships. If you have an ON LIVE camper who has not received their box within 2 days of your session, please call us at 844-972-2677.

ON Jr. Experience Questions

Q: What at-home supplies are needed for my camper’s skill?

A: We know that every family’s situation is different, especially during COVID-19. That’s why we’ve designed WinShape ON so that parents can choose to have as much, or as little involvement as they are able to. However all Skills will require some at-home supplies. See the full list here.

Q: How do I handle having multiple kids and limited devices?

A: We realize this is a concern for many families, and we would make a few recommendations. First, we’ve created two time blocks for each week for our ON LIVE families (except for week 3). Consider registering some of your campers for AM and some for PM. The other thing we did with this concern in mind was creating the ON DEMAND option. With this package, your campers can take control of content on their own schedule, which will help you manage devices.

Q: What is a Force?

A: Forces are the groups that campers are put in for competitions that will happen throughout the WinShape ON experience. They are WIND, FIRE, WATER and EARTH. Campers are placed in Forces by their birth month. More info coming soon!

Q: Where are all of these videos going to be?

A: Camp officially begins on June 15th. No matter which option you pay for, beginning on June 15th we’ll start loading videos into the platform we’ve built from the ground up starting on that date. In a few weeks, you’ll be able to click “Sign In” on, and it will take you to our family-friendly video platform designed just for this experience. More information will be coming soon in an email.

Q: Can my camper do ON while I’m at work?

A: This depends on your camper’s access to and knowledge of the device they’ll be using. We’ve worked hard to make the experience as simple as possible so that parents can choose the level of involvement they would like to have.